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1.6.6 exe file update

 For pre-installed registered users. The latest version is 1.6.6 (27-05-14) Get the latest exe file here:

To commence the download please click on this link:

 For instructions on how to download and install the latest version and for the download link please click here:

 If you would like us to assist you to install the update we charge $66.00 for the service.

 To find out what’s new in this version click on this link:

Summary of steps to take.

  1. Back up your AwardPro data base before updating
  2. Copy the old exe file into the "Old Exe" folder in the AP bin
  3. Do not remove the old exe file from the AwardPro Bin folder
  4. Copy and replace the new exe file into the AwardPro Bin Folder

Watch this short presention on the AwardPro overview.