Getting started FAQ's

How many suppliers are pre-installed?
Most suppliers that attend TroPro plus many others are pre-installed and products imported ready to use. All available retail catalogues, including last year's and this year's and all separate sports catalogues in the Australian market place are pre-installed and ready to use.  For a full list of suppliers and catalogues see the website Click Here

How can I make the prices correct for my business?
All retail sports catalogues are set to the supplier’s recommended retail price list. You can very easily and quickly change an entire catalogue by increasing or decreasing all by a determined percentage, or you can just reset all to one standard mark up.  Both these actions are performed by entering one value and pressing the apply button. You can of course open each individual item and tweak the price individually.

What happens next year when new price lists come out?
How do we get them on the system?

We have designed the program to make it really easy to import component and product lists so that you can do it yourself. However, if you prefer to receive the files prepared and ready for import we will provide this service to you.

What are the ongoing fees?
There are no ongoing licence fees and no requirements to make any future purchases if you buy the program license outright. We will offer a product file ready import service each year but you can do this easily yourself.
The program comes with 90 Days free support, and then if you require ongoing support a small annual fee is changed. To view Pricing Click Here

How many computers will I be able to run the program on?
Right from the start you can install it on any number of computers in the one premises. The program’s data base is installed on one computer and all computers point to that data base so it can be used simultaneously on multiple computers.

How long will it take to set the program up on my computer?
It will take only about an hour to set up the program after install. You will need to add in some company details, set the mark up of different product types, set your process prices for engraving etc and you are ready to start writing orders. You can import your customer base, which will take 10 minutes tops and there will be some tweaking along the way, but pretty much you’re up and running in an hour.

How long will it take to learn the program?
First of all the program comes with lots of hover-over tool tips, and fantastic online help system and video training. Watch the main training videos to get an understanding of what is happening and then simply go to the sales screen and start writing orders. The program really is designed to be easy to use and because it has been built by a trophy retailer it only relates to your type of business, so every button has a familiar function.

Do you have to do a stock take before using the program, and enter all the stock in the system?
No. You can just start using the program. If you know you have stock you can adjust the stock order amounts as you go. It would be great to count your stock and have the inventory correct in the system, but you don’t have to start out that way.  AwardPro has been designed with the flexibility of on-the-fly adjusting.

Does AwardPro help me do a stock take?
Yep. You can print out inventory sheets, count and record your stock and then quickly enter the stock levels using identical listings in the program’s stock list set to edit mode.

Sales FAQ's

What happens when a customer wants to change a component in a trophy?
AwardPro is built for your industry and the things that happen to you each day. Add the product to the order and then select ‘modify product’. The product’s component breakdown appears and you can replace, add or remove any component regardless of supplier origin. AwardPro will automatically replace the components required for the order and adjust the retail price to suit. All stock needs instantly change.

Can I set up quantity discounts?
Yes you can. Every Product Type is allowed a default discount system and then at the product level you can change this if desired to suit the individual product. You can of course change it at the sales screen as well. You get full flexibility of manipulation.

Can I make up special products for different customer needs?
You certainly can. You can make any number of unique products and you can view products by product type, catalogue and by customer history.

Can I add special job notes to a sales order?
You can add notes to any line item on the sales order and you can add special overall job notes. The note pads even feature Rich Text Editing so you can make bold, large and even colour highlights to make things stand out. All notes get printed out on the Job Sheet.

Can you duplicate an old job and make it a new job?
Yes you can! Just press duplicate order and an old order becomes a new quote. It’s a great feature that hangs on to all previous special instructions from one year to the next. The duplicated order can be changed to suit this year’s needs and saved to create a fast information retained order for the current year.

What about recording customer payments?
AwardPro has cash book facility and allows you to make payments to a sales order.

What’s the ‘Analyse Sales Performance’ button on the sales screen for?
At any time you can see exactly how much job stock costs and how much profit you are making on the job. If you enter the expected hours to make, this tool also shows you the net profit based on information set up in the ‘Operating Cost Centre’. You can also go back and add the real hours later and get a real picture, which can be viewed next year when the job comes back.

Do I need a computer in the showroom?
That is the ideal situation. Write your orders directly into AwardPro and let it do its thing for you. This may be a little daunting the first time and you’ll probably reach for the old familiar sales pad. That’s fine, hand write the first few orders and then sit down and add them into AwardPro after the customer has gone. I guarantee that after doing this 10 times you’ll chuck away the pad and just get stuck into the AwardPro Sales screen.

Can you invoice a job in AwardPro?
Most certainly. You can print or email an invoice and you can print statements. As AwardPro provides cash Book facilities you can track debtors and record payments.

So how do I get sales into my accounting program?
You use the Job Invoice report to input invoice summaries.

Products FAQ's

Will all the suppliers’ products be in the program?
Yes they will. You just have to go through the quick price adjustment steps and you’re off and running.

How will I know that the products have the correct components?
They will be correct as long as the supplier has listed it correctly in their breakdown books.

We have some unique products that we make up ourselves from different components. How can we get these into the system?
Easy. Just create products with product code and set prices. There are lots of speed tools and functions to help you get this task done quickly. One feature is ‘Save as New’ This allows you to create one product and then create similar products by adjusting and “saving as new”

Watch this short presention on the AwardPro overview.