AwardPro Feature-Customers


Import Customers from current data base

You can Export your customer list from your existing data base such as MYOB or Quick Books and the using the AwardPro Import Wizard you can then quickly Import the data into AwardPro so that your entire customer base is found in AwardPro. You can even define the customer type in bulk or does it later as you use the customer as the customers’ orders from you.

Multiple Contacts for the one organization

You can have as many contacts for the one customer (organisation) as you like.  If a customer card has more than one contact when it is opened or when you add it to a sales order, quote or enquiry a contact window pops up asking you to choose the contact. Of course you can elect to add new contact at this point. Each Contact can have a different address and contact details.

Email Customers

Where ever you see an email address in AwardPro you can simply click on it to generate an email to that address using Microsoft Outlook. When a contact is assigned to a form such as order form you can elect to email the form to the email address selected. The form is created in PDF format and automatically placed in the email as an attachment. This makes the task quick and easy with full audit trail.

From the customer list you can choose to email one or as many customers as you like. AwardPro restricts direct bulk emailing to twenty five customers in any one email so you don’t get caught up in the global spam filters. However if you want to email more than twenty five customers at any one time you can export the email list and use a third party distributor.

Email lists can be filtered by customer type and you can select all or select just the one you want to communicate with. 

AwardPro is a powerful Customer relationship Manager (CRM) and provides a dynamic platform for your marketing projects.

Print Address labels

From the customer list you can of course print mailing labels to any customer either in bulk or individually.

Customer Filter Features.

For emailing, label printing or reporting you can drill down using the Customer List Filters. Choose customer type and sub type then choose bought in a certain period – month and year range, by postcode, Never purchased before and Minimum Value.

AwardPro Customer List

Full Customer History

From the customer card you can find all customer activity past and present. It’s a great feature organized by date, job number, Job Reference and activity type (Order, Invoice, Quote, Enquiry) It makes it easy to get to information without moving when a customer comes in or calls up.

If a customer calls up to make an enquiry you can get to all previous information in a couple of clicks and respond confidently to the enquiry.

Old orders, invoices, quotes can be duplicated with one click of a button which saves a huge amount of time every year and make you look and be efficient. This is one the very powerful features of AwardPro.

Customer Profit Analysis

It all very well having a big customer but if they are not making you any money then you need to know about it. AwardPro’s Customer sales Report provides revealing information about sales total, cost of goods and profit made. It can be filtered by customer or customer type.

The report will show you facts ranging over the financial period broken into months and includes comparison to last year and the year before. This is particularly handy when viewing by customer type such as AFL, Corporate or Education. It shows you if you are building sales in the selected area and when the peak period happens.

Customer Contact Log

AwardPro has a Customer Contact system so you can record note about conversations and even paste emails into a contact note so you have a tidy record of communications always attached to the customer. It’s a handy tool when chasing down your quotes with the last contact entry on display in the Quotes Register Screen.

Also the customer card has an internal notes note pad in which you can write anything. It can be used to reminder the sales person of any special deals or terms for that customer. When a note like this is added to the customer’s card it appears on the order screen every time you call up the customer for a sale.

This tool is handy too for notes such as: “They need to pay the balance of invoice 8738 before the next order is released” or Steve has 3 gorgeous red head daughters Sally 10, Macey 8 and Kristy 6. (2012)

Customer Type Marketing 
Marketing takes time and maintenance of the data base can be a choir. As can organizing lists for emailing and mailing. With AwardPro you keep your customer lists up to date naturally as you sell to your customers and you can also import association lists into the program so it will house not just current customers. You can filter lists by customer or never ordered so you can market in various ways.

With the Customer features list as explained above you have an up to date and specifically filtered data base at the tips of your fingers ready to extract at any moment.

Customer Summary

AwardPro writes sales orders and in doing so, orders stock, manages price and creates job schedule and in doing so it also creates a powerful easy to use CRM system to use for marketing and information management.

Watch this short presention on the AwardPro overview.