Set Up

• Business Operation cost centre
• Mark Up Management
• Sales Budget
• Terms & Conditions Form
• Payment Terms
• Price List Manager
• Back Up System
• Plus more


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• Import Customers from current data base
• Multiple Contacts for the one organization
• Email Customers
• Full Customer History
• Customer Profit Analysis
• Customer Contact Log
• Customer Type Marketing
• Plus more


• Import Suppliers from current data base
• Import Suppliers Component lists
• Import Suppliers Product lists
• Multiple Contacts for the one Supplier
• Full Supplier history
• Plus more

Enquiry Management

• Record enquiries
• Enquiry register for follow up
• Turn enquiries into quotes or sales
• Re-Contact

Import Wizard

• Import Current Customers
• Import Component Catalogue Fast
• Import Product Catalogues Fast
• Import customers and products
  from other systems
• Plus more
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Component Management

• Import Component Catalogue Fast
• Inventory Control System
• Adjust prices to allow for freight amortization
• Attach any files to components.
• Sell Part of Component Wizard
• Component Variation System
• Generic Parts
• Get Quote System
• Find Component by Component Type
• Search Any Word
• Component Sales Analysis
• Complete Inventory Control
• Stock Picking System
• Stock Ordering System
• Adjustment Notes
• Stocktaking Management
• Plus More

Product Management

• Import Product Suppliers Catalogues
• Automatic Catalogue Price Lists
• Manage Mark Up from Product Type
  to Individual Products
• Full Pricing Flexibility
• Product Price Matrix for Qty Break 
• Attach any Files to Products:
• Full and flexible Bill of Materials
• Find Product by Product Type
• Product Sales Analysis
• Add Processes to Products
• Create Value add Lists for Products
• Analysis Product Performance
• Plus more

Process Management

• Create Process Types: Laser  
  Engraving, Sand Blasting etc
• Create Processes: Laser Engrave
  Name Tag, Etch Sml Glass Trophy, Etch
  Metal Plaque
• Process Sales Analysis
• Process Price list including Qty Break
• Embed Processes into Products
• Plus more

Quote Management

• Create and Monitor Enquiries
• Provide quotes to your customers via
  printout, e-mail or fax
• Turn quotes into orders with one
  button click
• Quote Management Tracking
• Plus more

Sales Management

• Write Sales Orders
• Manage Multiple Contacts for each 
• Add Products, Processes or
• Modify Product Breakdown to Suit 
  Customer Needs – fast
• Duplicate Line Item
• Duplicate old job and edit for new
• Automatic Stock Management
• Attach Line Item Notes, Manufacturing
• Attach Job Notes
• Attach any type of File
• Print or email Order Confirmation
• Print High Detailed Job Sheets
• Print file Attachments
• Look Up Customer Sales History
• Customer Card Management on the fly
• Record Customer Payments
• Invoice Job
• Plus more

Production Management

• Create Detailed Job Sheet
• Always upto date Job Schedule
• Filter Job Schedule by Each Department
• Job Tracking and Stage Check Off
• Individual Job Planning
• Production Management
• Process Management
• Plus more

Stock Management

• Manage Customer Orders that require
  multiple suppliers and build purchase
  orders for each supplier
• Creates Stock Picking List
• Adjust generated stock lists 
• Stock Picking List
• Creates Purchase Orders
• Print or E-mail Purchase Orders to 
  Suppliers with Attachments if required
• Automatic Purchasing for Stocked 
  Items when inventory gets low
• Inventory Management System
• Order Inventory on the fly
• Plus more

Accounts Management

• Export Sales Records for Your 
  Accounting Program Data Entry
• Manage Payments for Invoices or 
  Orders in real time
• Reports for Orders, Sales, Income, 
  Accounting Information, and Inventory 
• Customer Statement Generation
• Accounts Receivable with Aging
• Plus more


• Set Default Mark Up and Tweak at
  every stage
• Cross the Board or Product Type or
  Price List - Increase/decrease prices
  by % factor
• Volume Price Management
• Staff Registration
• Staff Security Levels
• Easy Backup System
• Print Avery labels for mailing labels,
  and envelopes
• Use as many or as few functions to
  suit your own needs
• Connects straight to Outlook
• Powerful Sales analysis
• Plus more

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