Overview of AwardPro

AwardPro is a software program developed to make running a trophy, Engraving or Promotional Products shop easier. The program automates what you do on a daily basis and provides powerful analysis tools along the way. It’s a Microsoft .Net based program that is localised on your computer system. It can be networked so that all computers in your business are connected and can run the program simeltaniously. You can choose to purchase the software license outright or by prescribed time.

With more than 20 year in the Trophy Industry and 10 years of working with 2 different industry designed programs AwardPro has evolved to make my life and my staff’s life easier. It has been built from the ground up for a Trophy, Engraving and Promotional Products business and It’s been designed so that even non-computer literate people can use it easily. Of course there is data entry work required and we know you won’t have a bar of it if it’s too time consuming so we've made it fast and easy to input data use Excel Spread sheets to import in bulk. The program comes with the National Trophy Industry product range pre-installed and ready to sell.  The program also comes with a large process price list for Engraving, Sand Blasting, Laser, Sublimation etc. These can be easily adjusted to suit your own business model.

AwardPro's Product manager system provides easy price control to make global adjustments via all products, Product types or individaul Products. It has full inventory facility and stock ordering becomes automated. The Sales Module provides a sales screen with all the nuances a trophy/Promo company needs to get the order written. Tools such as change components, Duplicate line items, Attach any file, Component Variation and Sell Part of A component makes the program efficient and invaluable to the Trophy Retailer. Write sales orders and get instant stock order lists that can be adjusted and tweaked before emailing to your suppliers who love recieving AwardPro driven clear and correct supplier orders. Mistakes are reduced as automation assist you every step of the way. Once sales are written You'll need Job Sheets and a dynamic Job Scedule system that up dates itself every twenty seconds so you production team always have upto date order priority lists which can be filtered by department without you having to do any allocation work.

AwardPro even provides Invoicing and custom payments facility which can be exported out for your business accounting system and the program comes with a string of business anaysis reports and tools to help you workon your business.

One of the wonderful features of AwardPro is that it lets you quickly call up a customer’s history open an old invoice and ”Duplicate order” creating a new quote that you can manipulate to today’s order needs. All the special notes etc from last year are attached to the new order and Bob’s your uncle. AwardPro will save you a lot of time in your business.

Now that you’ve written your sales order the system adds in stock components to a stock picking list and sets up an order for any suppliers the job needs. These orders sit there and build with other requirements till your ready to order. Place your orders by email, fax or print em and post em. They are all accurate and in alphabetical order and they have the price you expect to pay.

So know AwardPro has managed pricing, created sales orders and ordered your stock needs. Now it time for AwardPro to manage your production. It comes with job scheduling, stage completion and easy look up. Each department can work form department lists while you keep an eye on the whole operation for the Management console

There’s much more to AwardPro and we hope you will find that it will help you manage your business faster and easier. Who knows it might even allow you more time to improve your golf score.