AwardPro is built on a Microsoft .Net software Platform and uses SQL Sequel Server Express Edition software as a data base platform. This is the latest technology and is set to go the distance as your business grows. The program utelises Microsoft Outlook 2007 or higher and Microsoft Excel 2007 or higher as auxilary programs.

The program is installed on one computer base station and all workstation are connected via your businesses network system. The software use Sentinel HASP HL Security Key to protect the intelectual property.


We recomend a minimum of 2Gig of Ram per computer. For the Base Station we suggest 4Gig of Ram with a Pentium 4ghz of faster cpu.

Installation and Set Up

You are provided with a Program disc and the Installation wizard steps you through the install. Once installed you set up you Company registration and Assigne staff log in detail.

Installation and registration of program is easy.  The system comes with the National Trophy supply Industry pre-installed including components and products. All you need to do is import your customer base and add in any other suppliers and your ready to start using AwardPro to run your business faster than ever before.

Data Import

The last thing you want to do is type in all the industry components and products. AwardPro make it real easy to do. You simply re-arrange suppliers component or product list in the import templates format and press the import button. It takes about 60 secs to import a 2500 item component list. You can also export your customer data base from MYOB or whatever program you are using and import it into AwardPro. We’ve taken the hard work out of set up and made getting data in fast and effective. Not only that but when you purchase AwardPro you get all the National Trophy supply Industry pre-installed including components and Products.


After importing or entering your customers in you can keep track of their activity and analyse sales. Features including multiple contact person, customer sales history by order and by product, sales analysis, direct email system & contact log.


AwardPro starts you of with most of the supplier’s components and products data base pre-installed. Add your other supply contacts and then use the great supplier facilities such as: Product import, Inventory listing, Ordering system, Order history, multiple contacts, Supplier look up by supplier type. See the List of included Suppliers Here


Register your staff and set user levels for individual staff members. Track your staff's work flow and allow staff to check off the stages of each job.


Once supplier's components have been imported with AwardPro import wizard you can check stock levels, build products with components, sell part of a sheet automatically, check the performance of components, Transfer components for one supplier to another.

Sell Part Of

Sell part of is a wonderful system that allows you to mark a component such as engraving sheet stock as a sell part of component allowing you to add a portion of the sheet cost to a products bill of materials. Add a sell part of component to a Bill of Materials and you get prompted to enter the size of the sheet. The program works out the most amount of piece per sheet, adds a cutting charge if you want it to and delivers instantly the cost of the piece. Plus it works out how many full sheets you will need for the job. Any component that you sell only a part of each time can be treated this way. Sand Blasting resist, Laser Ply Brass sheet, Trophy engraving sheets, sublimation material, Vinyl, Adhesive tapes, glues – now you can automatically determine the cost prices.

Component Variation

Promotional Products, Apparel, Timber Manufacture suppliers often provide one product code. Component Variation makes it easy to handle. Have one code and check the Variation Box so that whenever you add the product to a sales screen you get a variation note pad pop where you can copy pre-installed variation info or type it in there and then. This then Propigates the information the the supplier order form and the Job Sheet. This system also works perfectly for Styles Factories system of including products in there catalogues without colour coding. 


Imagine all your products built easily into a software package that allows you to set mark up by product type and adjust at Individual Product Level. Build products from scratch or import them quickly with AwardPro Import Wizard. Check sales performance of all lines, Attach Images or files off any kind to a products, Sort products by product types.

Value Add

Create a Value Add form for any product type and whenever you add a product of that type to a ales quote/order the value add form pops up allowing you to quickly add in processes that may be required for the product.

Custom Products

One of the great characteristics of AwadPro is that it allows you to start anything from anywhere. A customer wants a price for a custom product, Start at the sales screen, create a new product, create the components you’ll need, send out bulk email to suppliers who provide this type of service to get best price quote. Create from scratch right there at the sales screen. Attach special files such as manufacturing instructions, supplier specification sheet, photo of product and make them all print out specifically to different forms.


You get a point of sale system, sales ordering system that can be an enquiry, a quote or a sales order. Choose customer, set deadline and other details, then add products and processes to a sales order form. Stock requirements get automatically sorted, checking on hand stock and ordering the rest automatically and by the criteria you have set.

Duplicate Sales

Year in year out, customers come back and order the same thing or at least the same format. No Problem. Call up last year’s order and press ‘Duplicate” to create a new order that you can change the products, quantities or, in fact, anything. Saves so much time and avoids copy errors. Not only that but last years special instructions are copied and can be adjusted to suit this year's order.


You can check a customer’s sales history or a suppliers purchase history,  Look up old orders and analyse everything. AwardPro keeps perfect records and has powerful reports that help you understand what’s happening in your business.

Job Sheet

The customer’s order gets printed out with full details of each item required. Bill of materials listing components and processes required to make the product. Special instructions get printed in created and you can attach any file to the job sheet so it gets printed out every time you print the job sheet.

Watch this short presention on the AwardPro overview.