Importing Specification

The key to making this program useful is the ability to easily import data into it so that it does not become a laborious long job. AwardPro's Import Wizard is designed to be easy to use and easy to set up. You simple use Excel spread sheets such as the files the suppliers give you and you re-arrange them into AwardPro's import template then import the files. A component list of 2,500 items takes about 60 seconds to import.

You can export customers and suppliers from you accounting system and import them into AwardPro very quickly so your whole customer base is in the system from day 1.

Components can be imported with price break detail and other settings you'll need to have an efficient data base.

Products also get imported into the system through the Import Wizard. You can choose to include recommended retail prices in the price column or leave it blank and let your business mark up decisions automatically set the price. You can even import engraving prices with the trophies if you like to build the price into the product price.

When you first buy the program you get all the current component and product catalogues already set up for you so you are good to go from day one. Future lists can be obtained from the AwardPro Office or you can set them up yourself for import. The Help system has plenty of step by step How to documentation to help you allow the way

Watch this short presention on the AwardPro overview.