Award Pro running well and making a huge difference to the managing of our workload...

Many thanks 

Thomas and Andrew Iles
Bundaberg Trophies and Gifts 

We have been running AwardPro for a few years and we wouldn’t be without it. My wife told she would draw up divorce papers if I got rid of it. It’s the best investment we have made in our business. The Stock ordering side of it saves us so much time and makes it easy to keep track of things. When it’s busy and you have boxes galore coming in the stock sorting feature makes it easy to sort stock. I wish I had of bought the program years ago.

Marcel - Action Trophies

Thanks to the wonderful & knowledgeable team at AwardPro for what has become an integral addition to my Trophy and Engraving business. I can still remember the days when my office desk what filled with supplier breakdown catalogues, flicking from one page to the next just to find component part numbers etc. Those days are GONE.

The AwardPro program does the lot with the click of the mouse. Just enter a trophy number and bingo up on the screen you are presented with all the components required, including quantities, descriptions, and material costs. Then, once the order has been saved all components to be ordered are placed in the Stock Order tab for each supplier. It’s that easy. As the advertising spruikers say “But wait there’s more”, believe me there is.

Without doubt purchasing the AwardPro program  back in 2011 would be one of the best investment decisions I have ever made. I would even go as far as to say it has already paid for itself.

Once again thanks Geoff and the team at AwardPro.

Neville Druery - Emerald Trophies

I just wanted to write to tell you how happy we are with AwardPro.  Since we installed the program over 18 months ago we have been so organized, time efficient and have been able to provide better customer service to our clients.  Having the program installed on all our computers for all our employees to use has been a great help with the way we structure our week and getting our jobs completed and keeping everyone organized.  The program is so easy to use and understand.  The friendly tech support and online help videos are also greatly appreciated.  The AwardPro program has helped our business move forward and grow while making our lives less stressful.  Thank you for taking the time and energy to develop such a successful tool for our business.

Kylie Cawse - Canberra Trophy Centre

At TroPro 2011 I sat in Geoff's AwardPro workshop and thought it was a great program but designed for a bigger businesses than ours.  Two years later after surviving the madness of the July to November season we had to rethink how to be more efficient.  We re-visited the AwardPro website, watched the training videos, and was convinced that we needed to implement the AwardPro system. Since installing AwardPro late Feb 2013 we have hardly had to use a breakdown book or catalogue The automatic ordering system is fantastic, when the supplier rings to say they're short of a component you instantly know which customer job it belongs to and whether it can be changed or not. Quotes can be done and e-mailed without any fuss. When the quote is accepted one click changes it to an order with all components listed. All pricing is instantly set  to our margins.  When writing an order It makes you think more about the process of the order so processing and pricing is more accurate. At last we feel in control and not drowning under a pile of handwritten orders!

Thanks Geoff and the AwardPro team!!

Mark and Shelley - Ipswich Trophy Centre

This program transforms a trophy retailer from being a haphazard and labour-intensive sweat shop to being a professional and organised retail outlet. You go from being Mickey Mouse to super professional.  I’m sure that the value of my business has been significantly improved by adopting AwardPro. Buyers (quite rightly!) aren’t interested in purchasing a business without good records and sound processes. AwardPro achieves this.  
Bob Davis
Allsports Trophies

AwardPro has enabled me to do customer Quotes and Orders faster, to know my profit margins, and at the same time, it has created my suppliers purchase orders. I feel even without utilising the inventory manager, job schedules, etc yet, for my one man show, it is well worth the investment. Turnover at a profit is the aim and spending hours quoting, creating purchase orders and end of period book work, etc is not productive. Great job! Thanks. 

Nambour Trophies QLD

We have been using AwardPro for a year now and we find it great to use.  It makes the whole process of running our business easier. There are many facets to the program. From sales order writing, automated and quick stock ordering system to the job schedule that allows us to keep all departments up to date instantly with work priority. I find the quoting system great and quick too. The quotes come out looking professional and organised and I can keep track of my outstanding quotes. We are currently stock taking and adding stock into the system to make the stock ordering even faster. With AwardPro all of my staff can see what’s going on which reduces the amount of interruptions to our day. The staff at AwardPro are easy to deal with and quick to respond.

Bert and Kathy
Mackay Trophy House Engravepro

I think AwardPro is amazing. It’s given me so much time back. Stock management is so much easier now. I never have to work back  Saturdays or come in Sundays anymore. My staff love it too as they can see when stock has come in and can easily work out who the stock is for. My turnover and profit has increased using AwardPro because it makes it easy to have a uniform pricing system. There are so many great features in AwardPro, it really does make my life easy and it’s not very hard to use which makes my staff lives easier too.

Joe Moore - Affordable Trophies

I didn’t think this program was going to work as good as it does, After working with the program for a while it is easy to use and I am very happy with the way it systematically works. I get to go home at a normal time. I see my boys taking on the business and AwardPro has made me feel at ease from the business and even go on holidays.

Annette Trieste
Wholesale Trophies

AwardPro- what the program means to us.

For our business some of the advantages are:

  • Tracking & ordering stock. When a job is entered the stock is distributed to the correct supplier. When the order arrives there is a list available showing the breakdown to the various jobs. This is much easier for staff.
  • Price lists of suppliers are in the program rather than in lots of folders making look up quicker.
  • Job sheets with full list of components and processes required to complete the task. Staff do not have to search out old files or ask us details about the job.
  • The job schedule gives us a good overview of where jobs are up to.
  • AwardPro allows us to easily duplicate and edit jobs for repeat orders.
  • Great support from the team at AwardPro who know and work in our industry.
  • It is allowing our business to give a more professional/organised image.
  • In the future when we sell the business it will make the new owners’ transition much easier, and will definitely add value to the business.

Someone asked us recently would we give the program back and our answer is definitely “NO”.

Carl & Helen Leary

Helen & Carl
Westlakes Trophies, Engraving and Framing

After 20 years in the trophy industry I congratulate the crew at AwardPro for designing such a clever software program that allows us to run our businesses as business owners instead of technicians.  Installing AwardPro in a trophy business is as important as installing the phone system.

We can now leave the business in the hands of our capable staff & know that the system will give them the same answers to their questions that we would.

Keep up the Great work,

Annemarie & Christopher
Great Ideas – awards + gifts, Bendigo VIC.

Award Pro running well and making a huge difference to the managing of our workload...

Many thanks 

Thomas and Andrew Iles
Bunderberg Trophies and Gifts

Thank you, fantastic! I love your program.

Shirley, Sunshine Coast

AwardPro has made a huge difference in my business. We can now write sales orders through a pre-priced system that automatically works out stock orders. For me, this has made running my business much easier and I don’t seem to call suppliers with bits and pieces to add on, nearly as much as the old days.

AwardPro’s production management system is simple to use and I love how you don’t have to do anything, it’s just there and keeps my head around all the jobs going on.

The program covers all areas of the business from ordering, sales, dispatch,  and not to mention the difference it has made to our accounts department.  I like the way it offers all our staff computer access to all order information at a press of a button. 

The depth of thought gone into this program is outstanding and I look forward to using the program each day.

Trophy Land, Sydney

Stock ordering is much easier with AwardPro. It’s so much easier to keep track of things. No more rummaging through papers, it’s just a matter of clicking and it’s there all in order. No more working out job stock needs. It is definitely making my life easier.

Stock Manager, Queensland Trophy Business

This program has been a long time coming. It is great to see that you have taken the time & a great deal of hours perfecting  AwardPro .I have only been using the program for a short time &, even not being computer savy, I am finding it very easy. Since using AwardPro the whole overview of our trophy store has become a lot more organized & dare I say it professional. From the sales to the ordering from artwork to manufacture it is just a little more controllable. I believe it’s the best thing to happen for a long time .Well done to you & everyone else who helped.

Adonna, Trophy Superstore

AwardPro is Brilliant!

Terry, fifty8george, Bathurst

Dear Prospective  AwardPro Users

My attending the Conference and Training sessions was an immense benefit for myself and the staff, we got to cover the raw essentials of what the software is capable of. and let me say it is very impressive.

It allows you work in various ways, working from the standard templates and formats supplied  to creating and customising a large range of your own products. There is a little background work involved, though with all the correct preparation and input it will save you time. ‘Time is money’. This Software is custom made for our industry, with the added bonus of basic accounting and sales  analysis as part of the package.

William Nasato
C. R. Warne Trophies Pty. Ltd.

Our sales team is finding the program very helpful as there are not as many questions asked of them anymore internally [software captures information automatically]. One of my sales staff still can’t believe that she does not have to fill out 3 or 4 order forms [sales–production-stock order] for one job anymore which as you know can take up to an hour or longer on big orders. The program has made processing much faster.

Our team loves the interactive Job schedule which is alway upto date and in priority order. It makes production management so much easier.

Your support & service on the program has met all expectation and we look forward to working with you further.  Again thanks for your help.

Anthony & Carlo
Wholesale Trophies

We love Award Pro at our business – from the first day that we installed the program, we were able to write orders in a fraction of the time that it used to take using our old paper system.  To quote one of our sales staff – “If you take AwardPro away then I will be leaving as well.” Quoting for jobs is sooooo easy – put the code into the quote form and the price appears – no more looking for supplier price lists or where is that trophy from – updating prices is easy as three mouse clicks.

One of our sales people reported that whilst talking to a customer on the phone taking an order was able to send the information through to the customer whilst they were still talking, the customer was super impressed.

The production staff love AwardPro – they can see the up to date schedule for each department or the whole shop – any changes are instantly shown. Overdue jobs are highlighted and everyone in the business knows exactly what is occurring to each and every job.

Our stock order manager loves it as well because the ordering process which used to take her a full day in the busy season now only takes 15 minutes. No more errors in ordering or over ordering supplies – returns and out of stock issues are even handled through AwardPro.

Our customers love the order confirmations that they receive via email any changes or updates to numbers can be sent through to them instantly.

In summary, AwardPro has delivered the results for our business. Most importantly our staff love using it because it is user friendly system.


Ian Stuart
Trophy Superstore, QLD

I love the program. Now I don’t have to sit at home invoicing of a night time. AwardPro does the invoicing for me. – so that in itself is a major bonus! It is also great to be able to call up a job and not have to spend time manually looking for it.Now if I could get it to do the housework as well...................... :)
Karen (Accounts) -Trophy Superstore, QLD

Just Wanted to leave some feedback. The Program is great. The team at Trophy Superstore are enjoying using it.

Trophy Superstore, QLD

Thanks for yesterday - I have come back to work understanding the program a lot better.  As Karen mentioned in her email, yes it was nice to hear that we are all going through the same Trophy Shop issues (sometimes on a daily basis!).  And yes nice to see that there are some wonderful people in the industry.

You have wonderful staff, who were all so eager to help us with AwardPro. Please thank them all, and also Angela for a lovely morning tea and lunch.  We greatly appreciate it.

Laura - Trophy Land

This was a great day - heaps of really useful information and tips.
Thanks to Geoff and the team!

Gaye - QLD

Watch this short presention on the AwardPro overview.